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The group deals in food products automation like chapatti making machine, parantha making machine, puri making machine and other kitchen equipments. These machines are Marketed & sold by Master Crafts. We have designed these machines through years of development thus making a homelike quality of chapattis.
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Semi Automatic Chapatti Machine
Press Model (Pressing & Baking)


kitchen equipment manufacturerChapatti Press With Baking
Unit Balls Are Pressed Into
Round Chapattis &
Baked From Both Sides.
Producing Hygienic Chapattis.

  • The Ultimate Machine in Display Cooking
  • 100% Hygiene Chapatti
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost saving
  • Chapatti in uniform shape
Capacity : 950- 1000 chapatti/hr
Chapatti size : 4” to 6.5” dia meter.
Thickness of chapatti : 1.5 to 3 mm
Weight of chapatti : 25-55 grams
Machine area : L 66”x w48”x h 60” (approx)
Power required : 2 kw (approx)
Gas consumption : 900 gr. To1200 gr. (approx)
Weight of machine : 225-250 kg (approx)
Operator : 1 unskilled
Motor : 1 hp single phase

All dough touching material used is of food grade.
Due to continuous upgrading of product design may change.
Accessories shown in the photos are not the standard part of supply.



dosa machineThe machine comes in 2 parts. Dough ball (Peda) making unit and Chapatti press with Baking Unit.

Dough ball (Peda) making unit has the Capacity upto 1000 balls/hours. Built with Stainless Steel covers. Single Phase 1 HP Motor Fitted with this Machine.

Chapatti Press with Baking Unit
Balls are pressed into round chapattis and baked from both sides, producing hygienic chapattis.

Size: L48" x W48" x H60" (Approx.)

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