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The group deals in food products automation like chapatti making machine, parantha making machine, puri making machine and other kitchen equipments. These machines are Marketed & sold by Master Crafts. We have designed these machines through years of development thus making a homelike quality of chapattis.
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commercial kitchen equipmentMaster Crafts Industries has designed & developed a very compact, simple and fully Automatic Chapatti Making Machine for making Chapatti of different sizes, thickness and tastes. The company guarantees that it is the most hygienic way of making Chapattis.

These machines are Electrically operated and are very simple to operate.

The high quality Chapatti made by these machines are home like, very tasty and are made under the most hygienic conditions The output of these machines is very high and the labour component involved is very low due to which the cost of production is much lower than that the Chapatti made by conventional means till now.

The machines are capable of meeting the latest demand of both quality and quantity. The installation of these machines has a great scope where Requirement of Chapattis are needed in bulk such as larger instututes, Gurdwara langars, Canteens, Hostels, Hospitals, MNC'S, Army Camps and etc.

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